License Terms


The royalty rates per consumer 3G capable product for a license under the 3G licensing program are as follows:

Royalty Rate per Licensed Product

Standard Rate € 0,45
Compliant Rate € 0,35

PLEASE NOTE: Only those products, which have been reported and for which royalties have been paid are considered licensed under the 3G standard essential patents named in the 3G Joint Patent License Agreements. For details, please see the provisions in the 3G Joint Patent License Agreement.

3G Licensing's rights to grant sublicenses under the patents of Royal KPN N.V. (and only KPN) are subject to certain restrictions related to the field of smart meters, MTC (machine type communication) and cars. Companies interested in a license under this program for the such fields of use should contact Sisvel for further information.

More information, including a copy of our standard 3G Joint License Agreement, are available upon request.

Further information on our FRAND rates can be found here.